Onsite Services

MAKEIP support team is qualified in a broad range of communication systems and networks, hardware, operating systems and software.

The support consists of both an internal support team and a field force for onsite support. On-site support service delivers complete wrap-around network maintenance and operations, satisfying typical first-line technical support requirements. It can also be utilised as a means of escalation when utilised in conjunction with the services available from our internal support team.

Fault Management and Resolution

Our onsite support engineers will proactively work with you in order to resolve case issues and inquire about case status updates. MAKEIP ensures hassle-free fault resolution through:

  • Clearly defined workflow processes
  • Documenting and tracking of the progress of each case
  • Unique identification reference for each call
  • Integrated support systems
  • On-line product documentation and manuals
  • The MAKEIP on site support team is responsible for, warranty and maintenance support to customers for the hardware and system software
  • Our trained onsite support engineers have expertise in handling a wide range of communication systems and networks, hardware, operating systems and software
  • Importance is given for properly and timely escalation of problems at different levels, to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Formal reports are provided post on-site support activities which include details of systems status on arrival, actions undertaken and system status on departure.
  • In addition to these resources, MAKEIP will have the full backing, support and escalation mechanisms with the manufactures of the products and solutions which we provide, ensuring that only the correct and up to date product information is supplied.