Secure Channel Data Diode

Highly sensitive data and networks, like military networks and national critical infrastructure are guarded with the best possible security technologies and control systems. Customers most commonly disconnect the network with other networks to achieve the security grading. These disconnected networks are also air-gapped networks. Critical infrastructure, SCADA systems as well as military networks, have been using this kind of mechanism to safeguard themselves. But it is becoming more and more problematic as the need to import and export data from the isolated networks is increasing. The manual transfer of data not only generates a security risk but also a huge work load, and is prone to human error.

The Secure Channel Device Solution enables enterprises and government agencies to transfer data from one domain to another via the most secure possible method, offering unparalleled assurance, while delivering superior unidirectional throughput.

Secure Channel Device Solution supports unidirectional transfer of files, streaming data, and email including attachments. The solution converts data into sequenced UDP packets that are then transferred across the Data Diode device. Once received, the UDP broadcast is reconverted back to its original format. This can also be done for TCP traffic as well.

A Secure Channel Device solves these issues by creating a physically secure one-way communication channel from the insecure network to the secure network. The one-way channel allows data to be safely transferred into the secure network, while not allowing any data to leave. The data transmission is handled by two dedicated servers. No data can be transported from the receiving network to the transmitting network, since the data diode has a single fiber-optic cable, it is impossible to reverse transmissions due to the basic laws of physics (no covert channel is possible).

Secure Channel Device can ensure that exploited network access is not possible from outside the network thereby achieving 100% data leak prevention since no data can leave the network.

Being data agnostic we can move files, streaming video, TCP/IP, UDP, database records, historians, sensor data, high-res images, system backups, personnel records and many other types of data; along with industrial protocols like Modbus and OPC. And network independence o the solution provides unclassified, secret and top secret networks for government solutions and IT and OT (Operations Technology) networks for our commercial and industrial customers.