Wireless Controller

MAKEIP Wireless Controller provides provisioning and controlling the day to day working of all the WRT compatible AP’s. Controller is a software application installed on a recommended server configuration for centralized configuration, management and monitoring.

Controller is designed and architected in such a way that it will discover the network and push all the initial settings like Device Registration and Profiles, which are required to establish the connection and provide the intended Internet Service to Access points.

Easy Deployment and Provisioning

During the self-configuration process, each network node automatically establishes an association and requests a license to centralized controller. Configuration of devices and inclusion or replacement of additional devices into the network is easy and hence even an unskilled personal can easily manage the network.

Provisioning of the APs is an ongoing process. This will be required for any new service launch and for denial of any of the services offered. This will also be used to recover the default settings of AP when factory reset happens and replace the AP itself. Additionally, feature like controlling the channels, power, changes of SSID etc would be possible from the central controller. Central controller would be having a single dashboard for changing and controlling all the AP’s.

Scalable Architecture

Controller supports the unlimited number of devices as long as enough hardware resources are available to support the necessary number of devices.

Optimized for Security

Controller provides a full array of standards-based tools to ensure secure communication between server and devices.

Distributed Centralized Management

Overseeing management and control of the system, the controller software application provides distributed functionality that enables the WLAN Network to function as a secure wireless system that scales as the Enterprise network grows.

Centrally located software application allows management of devices in different locations.

Controller software application allows application of common configuration settings to all devices installed in the network, setting of individual parameter configuration for each device, mass firmware upgrade and monitoring from single location.

Central Monitoring

Multiple network parameters like CPU load, memory usage and connected clients information can be monitored from central location